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About the Festival

The Festival is an excellent opportunity for our community to come together to spread information and stimulate interest in Shefford by means of a co-ordinated program of events over a 9 day period spanning two weekends, with a focus in the area of non-profit and business related community activities. Events are organised especially for the festival or simply current events that fit into the program. For example, it is an ideal opportunity for venues to showcase themed sessions or tasters such as: Classes, a special menu night, a wedding planning evening, a youth activity, an older person’s exercise class etc.

The intention is to build on the community history of Shefford’s past – the sheep gatherings and the pram races – and to draw on the spirit of enlightened self-interest to bring together the Shefford community and welcome new residents. This is especially important with so many new people moving into the town – children, teenagers and parents with young families, as well as with so many older people seeking social activities.

This is a free community project without charge to the visitors or the participants and provides a multi-generational and cross-community opportunity to showcase the activities available in Shefford with a wide program of activities held at venues around the town.

The Festival is Shefford based, drawing on the surrounding villages between Letchworth, Hitchin, Luton, Flitwick, Bedford, Sandy, and Biggleswade, Each venue, hall, business or other organisation would be responsible for its own program and promotion via its user base.

We have set up a system to co-ordinate and publicise the Festival as an umbrella function using extensive self-promotion by social media – also including Shefford Newsline together with local press and radio, and featuring local posters placed by participants and volunteer helpers.

To keep costs to a minimum and to maximise word of mouth each venue or organisation runs its own events e.g. an open evening or open day, based on activities, classes etc. that run there, e.g. fitness classes, care groups, sports, youth activities, amateur dramatics, weddings, golfing, eating out and so on – whatever you do that others may find of interest.

Background notes – if you are running an event be sure to check any relevant regulations, necessary permissions or special considerations. Events are the responsibility of individual organisers.

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